Decentralised Communication

I have set up a personal Matrix server for my friends and I, which I am going to try to use as my main mode of communication for the foreseeable future.

For a long time I have been using Telegram for communication, but out of concern for privacy and decentralisation I have been looking for a self-hosted alternative.

I have been using Signal, which has good privacy, but falls short in terms of decentralisation. It also requires you to use a phone number which is not ideal. It is definitely a good choice for a one-to-one private conversation, but doesn’t really scale well to large groups and lacks many of the features that we have become accustomed to in e.g. Slack or Discord.

So far I am enjoying Matrix, and I encourage you to give it a go as well! Feel free to drop me a line there if you decide to give it a try 😺

I also set up a room for the (soon-to-be) MathsJam in Plymouth here – feel free to join if you are interested.